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How Should Muslim In Non Muslim Country Live – Part 3

As I promissed in my previous post,  Here are some other points about How we can safeguard our Deen And Imaan in Non Muslim country

Connect Yourself To The Men Of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی:

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Connect Yourself To The Men Of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی:


This point is also very important for safeguarding Iman.  Allah سبحانہ و تعالی states in Surah Tawbah:

O you who believes, fear Allah  and be with the truthful. (9:119)

i.e stay in the company of those who are truthful of heart,  word and deed, stay with those who are themselves God fearing and religious. By staying with religious people, your environment will become religious and it will be harder to commit sins and easier to do good deeds.

The instruction of the Quran is to be with pious people. Pious people are of different levels some are Awliya (friends)  of Allah of high status. If Allah connects you to a person such as this, make him your guide and stay with him and consult him at every step. Inshallah, you will be successful. If there is no such guide in your city or vicinity, there are in other parts of the world so make and maintain contact with them. In today’s age communication has become easy, you can stay in touch by phone, fax or email. When you have established a relationship with a man of Allah it will be easy to practice Deen and hard to act contrary to Deen.  If someone is on a journey and all his traveling companions are punctual with Prayer,  it will be easy for him to perform Prayer and hard not to. He has to perform prayer and even if he does not want to, he will be embarrassed not to.

The Wise,  Affectionate Style Of The Quran:

An amazing educational and compassionate approach of the Quran is that whenever it gives a command that is difficult for people, it brings another command, before or after it, which shows a way to make that difficult command easier. Here this very style is used and the Quran makes a very wise point.

The command is:

O you who believes, fear Allah

i.e  avoid sins. Then another command is given that must also be done and is also obligatory. The objective is that by fulfilling this obligatory the first will become easy to carry out.

This second command is

And be with the Truthful (9:119)

When you stay in the company of the Pious taqwa i.e staying away from sins becomes easy.

Consider Piety When Choosing A Partner Too:

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Consider Piety When Choosing A Partner Too:

Special attention should be given to piety when making or accepting a marriage proposal. While people look for many qualities in a prospective son-in-law, they should also look at how much Deen and Imaan he possesses. Similarly, when looking to go into a business partnership with someone try to find a God fearing, religious minded person. In other words, try to make your day to day relationships, dealings and contacts as far as possible with God fearing people.

Establish A Connection With The Tablighi Jamaat:

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Establish A Connection With The Tablighi Jamaat:

Another important link in this chain is to establish a connection with the Tablighi Jamaat. Alhamdulillah, the scale and global nature of the benefit that has reached the Ummah through this group is without comparison. Allthough this benefit is today Limited, for participants in Tablighi Jamaat do not teach the whole Deen, the aspects they do teach are very important and open the roads to the remaining good deeds and also to abstaining from sins.

This work is on such a large scale that it has no match in the world today, neither is there any comparable organisation amongst the Muslims that is serving the masses on such a large scale, nor is there any example amongst the Christian and Jewish communities, despite their funds and missionary activities.

The amazing thing is that this Jamaat has no offices, funds or  bank balances. No publicity material is published, yet a decision made here can be heard 3 days later in Hong Kong, China, Africa and Asia and throughout the world. The work of the Tablighi Jamaat is based on enthusiam and sincerity and is distanced from any form of partisanship or class distinction. Every individual spends his own money, and millionaires and billionaires spreading the word of Allah with their packs slung over their shoulders, bedding spread on the ground, walking, travelling by plane, ship, rail and bus, undergoing the hardships of travel in Arctic climates and desserts, in Muslim and non Muslim lands, Possibly no second Goes by in which many such groups are not spreading the message of Allah somewhere in the world.

Allah is taking a great service from this Jamaat. It is a work initiated by our Pious Elders,  initiated by Sheikh Mohammed Ilyas رحمۃ اللہ علیہ. Thus, we should connect with this Jamaat,  especially Muslims living in the west. By maintaining a connection with it, practicing on Deen will become easy.

Objections Levelled At The Tablighi Jamaat:

Many people raise objections with the Tablighi Jamaat: some say it does أمر بالمعروف (enjoining the good) but not نھی عن المنکر (forbidding the evil). I respond by saying that  enjoining the good is a good deed in itself, as is Forbidding from Evil. They are doing one of these good deeds, you do the other! Why do you not start doing what they are not doing?

Some say that there is too much sternnes in the Jamaat. I say they should not be too stern,  though it is not really the case that they are too stern. Alhamdulillah, The Scholars and elders of the Tablighi Jamaat do not exceed the limit. However, those who are new to it, due to not having a proper understanding of Deen, assume that the whole Deen is encompassed in the Tablighi Jamaat.

They feel that whatever takes place within Tableegh is all there is to Deen. They  become so engrossed in it that they start considering other aspects and works of Deen unimportant, they regard Madaris as useless, and the defect arises in some participants wherein they neglect the rights of their wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters. Overzealous youth account with pride how the wife’s Janazah was taking place or the wife was laying in hospital while the husband set of for his appointed 40 days !.

Understand well that such actions are not works of  Deen.  They are truly beyond limits and Islam does not permit them. They are in need of correction. However, such things are not the policy of the elders of the jamaat. They are the actions of minor and overzealous people. A beginner with a lot of enthusiam always does things like that, as is well known that 2 people stay awake at night: the one who has just become Murid to Shaikh and the one who ho sot  got married! Smilarly, those who are new to the Tablighi Jamaat who know nothing about Deen, assume it to be everything and say such things, whereas those things are not part of the policy of the Tablighi Jamaat.

So take part in the Tablighi Jamaat work, if there are who are doing things wrong, do not follow them, but follow the pious elders and Scholars, for the teachings Of The Scholars are full of moderation and take into account every aspect of the Sharafah.

In-Sha-Allah In Next Post:

  • Reading Dini Books
  • Refraining from haram wealth
  • Keep your mother tongue alive in your homes

Till then Allahafix and keep sharing


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