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How Should Muslims In Non-Muslims Country Live – Part 2.

Some Points For Safeguarding Deen And Imaan:

As I promised in my previous post to share some points for safeguarding Deen and Imaan. So, I will share 6 points under this topic in several posts. I present them here with the hope that you regard them as the advice of a sincere brother, and pay close attention to them.

The Issue Of Educating Our Future Generations:

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How should a Muslim in Non Muslim country Live

The first matter of concern is the education of our children. We cannot leave them ignorant, and so it is essential that we educate them. Everyone is aware on a General level of the virtues and importance of knowledge in Islam. Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said:

It is obligatory for every Muslim to acquire knowledge (Ibn Majah)

To acquire a certain amount of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim, male and female. Keeping children ignorant is neither a virtue nor a kindness. We have to educate them, yet you are more aware then I of what is happening to the Iman of our sons and daughters in state and secular schools. You must be aware of how some of our daughters have married non Muslim men, and  of how some are simply living with men in a state of cohabitation. One of the main roles that contribute to this state of affairs is played by the school many such friendships develop in school, college and university, and love marriages and other issues of concern arise from these very friendships.

The Establishment Of Muslim Schools:

The issue is difficult; children cannot be deprived of education, yet sending them to educational establishment’s result in their Iman suffering, as can be witnessed. That is why I advise my brothers and sisters that there is no choice but to establish Muslim schools. Where ever Muslims reside a Muslim school should be established and it should be of a recognised standard. It should meet government standards and be on a par with schools run by other communities.

To my knowledge Jewish communities have established their own school, and very impressive schools at that. If the Jewish community can establish their own schools in order to safeguard their religion and the religion of their future generations, can not the Ummah of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam do the same? Without a doubt it can.

Alhamdulillah, the Muslims of the West or not so financially impoverished that they cannot afford to do so. The question is one of Courage! The day you resolve to establish a Muslim school, the obstacles will vanish and for as long as you do not make a firm intention, you will see nothing but obstacles in your way.

People mention all sorts of difficulties in this regard. The biggest issue is funding, it is feared that if fees are too high no one be prepared to pay and if they are set too low then costs will not be met. I said that the day you decide that no matter what you are going to go ahead with the project, all issues will be resolved.

Whenever you are faced with a big financial demand, do you not make arrangements to meet it somehow? In the event of someone having an accident (may Allah protect us) and needing hospital treatment, do we not spend thousands of dollars if necessary? If we can spend thousands to save lives,  can we not spend to save Iman? It is all down to will and determination, Inshallah. The very day you make a firm resolution, the problem of funding your Muslim school will be resolved.

The educational standards of Muslim schools should be such that our children who study in them do not suffer a sense of inferiority. In addition, physical education facilities should also be good in comparison to other schools. There should be adequate play facilities, playgrounds etc. We should provide the facilities state schools and other community schools provide for their pupils. Undoubtedly, it requires High expenditure, and presents issues and difficulties, but through effort everything is possible.

Establishing Deeni Madaris And


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The establishing of higher centres of religious education i.e Diyar-ul-Sulam is also a great and important ask. These are places where higher level subjects such as Aqaid (عقائد), Tafseer,  Hadith, Arabic and other Deeni Sciences are taught, as in higher Education Institutions of the sort through out the Muslim world. There is a need to establish such centres that produce Scholars here, but if we assume that only one such high quality Centre is established in the country, expert Scholars are brought in to teach and selected people are brought in to be educated, then at least the need of the present will be fulfilled. If more than one can be set up then even better.

However , Muslim schools are needed in all our communities. Where ever Muslims reside they have to educate their children,  but they should not have to send them to the schools of others and put their Iman at risk. That is why I request you to find a solution. Deliberate over whatever problems there may be and find solutions, Allah has given you more knowledge of local conditions than me when you try you will find solutions, for Allah… has promised:

As for those who strives In Our Way,  We certainly guide them to our Paths….. (29:69)

To make effort and to work hard are the conditions. With sincerity, for the pleasure of Allah, make efforts to save your children from Hell.

An Illustration Of Courage And Resolve:

My Grand Scholar, the Grand Mufti Of Pakistan,  Mufti Muhammad Shafi رحمۃ اللہ علیہ used to give the following allegory. A person travelling along a highway sees a wall of tall, leafy trees on either side of him and it appears that both rows of trees meet up ahead in the distance and block the road. If a foolish or cowardly person stops, thinking that the road ahead is closed so there is no point in going any further, he will never reach his destination. A person who goes on sees that as he progresses, the road continues to be wide open for him. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی promises in the Quran:

As for those who strive in our way, We certainly guide them to our Paths. (29:69)

In Next Post:

In-Sha-Allah in next post i will share the second point which contains

  1. Connect Yourself To The Men Of Allah.
  2. Consider Piety When Choosing A Partner Too.
  3. Establish A Connection With Tableegi Ja’maah.

Till then Allahafiz and keep sharing TheRightPassage.com

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