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How Should Muslims In Non-Muslim Country Live – Part 1

“O Believer’s!  Save yourselves and families, Iron, a Fire whose fuel is people and stones” (Quran, 66:6)

This verse addresses all Muslims. It calls out to all the Muslims to save tgemselves and tgeir families from Hell. The command to save your own self from Hell recurs frequently, but in this verse it is stated that saving your own self is your responsibility,  and saving your family members is also your responsibility and an obligation you are under. If personally stayed steadfast on Iman, were punctually witn Salah, observed Fast, performed Hajj and gave Zakat if they were compulsory upon you, fulfilled all tge Wajibaat and stayed away from sins, yet you made no effort to safeguard the emaan and deen if your wife and children, or not as much effort as you could have done, you did not use your abilities to safeguard them as you could have done, then your obligation will not be fulfilled.

Just as it is our responsibility to stop child from walking towards a gas fire, or to prevent a child from eating something harmful, and to do everything in our power to save the child’s life, it is our responsibility to adopt whatever strategies we are able to save those household members who are under our care from the fire of Hell. This is a very important command of the Quran.

Conditions In The West:

This matter, which the Quran has directed our attention towards, is of special significance to those brothers and sisters who have  settled in the Western world, be it Europe or America, or any other non Muslim country where Muslims are in a minority. The condition of Muslims in the West is such that 30 years ago things were different, now, Alhamdulillah things are changing rapidly. At first, those young Muslims who would come here to study or those Muslims officers would come here for training would be too ashamed to appear to be Muslims and so would become like the local population such an environment no longer exist Muslims have established their own identity alongside other peoples.

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How should Muims in nonMuslim country live

Alhamdulillah, it is very pleasing that Muslims have had their existence acknowledged, along with the establishment of Mosque, Madaris and Quran schools. Some countries have achieved more than others. The signs are good, but there are also dangerous.

Issues Facing Our New Generations In The West:

Our new generation that are being nurtured in the West are facing a big problem as they grow up. It is a challenge for the Muslims of the west. The Quran has, through the verse under discussion, drawn attention towards this challenge. It is obvious that Western countries are non Muslim, and the disobedience of Allah and sinful are rampant. It is not easy to protect the gaze,  the hearing, the Limbs, the minds or heart from sin , in fact it is hard to protect Iman itself. You are living through very difficult times here, and by coming here you have placed your families in great peril.  Many of my relatives and close friends have come to the west, when they came, the issues facing them were not very long term, but simple things such as finding a good job and decent place to live, There after, they would look to get married and then have children. Up to this point there was no great problem, but as their children  started growing up problems started coming to the fore. Marriage issues are one thing, and then the problems of how to safeguard their faith and religion.

It is impermissible to live in a place where it is not possible to practice Deen. Sahri’ah does not permit us to live in a place if we are unable to safeguard our Deen and Iman and unable to practice our religion there. In such circumstances, the demand of the Shari’ah is that seeing as Allah’s Earth is vast, Hijra should be made to a place where it is possible to practice Deen.

The Example Of The Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم:

It is the example of the best of creation, the Crowned head of both worlds, The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is in front of us. He did not migrate to Madina in order to earn money.  As a matter of fact, while He  was in Mecca he was offered the opportunity to become a leader, the idolaters  of Mecca offered to accept Him as the ruler of all Arabia on condition that He stopped saying derogatory things about their idols. The Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم refused the offer and instead endured having to leave the Land forefathers,  which was not just any Land, but the place where the House of Allah stood.

So as a result of the inability to practice Deen in Mecca, it became obligatory for the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and the Sahaba to migrate from Mecca to Madina. It became obligatory on all the inhabitants of Mecca to do hijra to Madina, as it was no longer possible to practice deen while living in Mecca.

Similarly, if we cannot practice Deen while living here, it is impermissible for us to stay here, we will have to leave. And if we ourselves are able to practice Deen, but unable to safeguard the Iman and Do een of our families, then too it is obligatory for us to safeguard the future of our children and their Iman and migrate to a place where they can safeguard their Iman and Deen.  I do not say this out of emotion, but in all seriousness and by way of stating a Mas’alah of of the Shar’iah. The Scholars and Mufti’s have clearly stated  this mas’alah in the light of the Quran.

The Situation Effecting The Christian Community:

Alhamdulillah,  you have constructed this Mosque  with your hard earned wealth and are also establishing Madaris.  But if you are unable to leave the next generation with their Iman intact, if you are unable to safeguard their Iman then may it not happen that our 3rd and 4th generation do what the present generation of Christians have done and are doing.  May it not happen that the Mosque you have constructed are later sold oft  for the proceeds.

The solution facing the Christian community is in plainview, their current generation is selling up their churches and Muslims are buying them up and converting them into  Mosque and Madaris. This is happening in America and in Europe. If we do not safeguard the Imaan and Deen of our offspring then be assured that this very situation will come to pass, our offspring will sell of these mosque.

Therefore, this is not an insignificant issue but one that requires a lot of thought and a responsible attitude. If you are making efforts to safeguard the emaan of your coming generations,  then may Allah bless you in your stay here. May Allah bless you and your children with every type of worldly and religious progress. But if you are certain, or the balance of probability is that you will not be able to safeguard the emaan of your offspring here then it is impermissible for you to live here. If you depart from this world while your children are in this condition you will face questioning before Allah. You will be asked to whom you had entrusted the Iman and Deen of your children. Thus,  I urge you with all sincerity and fellow feelings to give thought  to this issue.

The Solution:

images 17 225x300 - How Should Muslims In Non-Muslim Country Live - Part 1
How should Muims in nonMuslim country live

Suffice is to say that the solution to this problem is not easy, it is difficult, but there is a solution. Great things cannot be accomplished without undergoing difficulties. The Nations that has reached the peak of worldly progress in the present age did not get there without making huge sacrifices and expanding a lot of energy. As a result of the combined efforts of generations, today they have been awarded with worldly progress. Similarly, in religious matters too, overcoming difficulties and expanding effort are inevitable.

In Next Post:

In-Sha-Allah, I will share a few points by way of offering a Solution in my upcoming posts.  Till then Allahafiz.

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