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End Of The World (Part 7 - Isa Ibn Maryam علیہ السلام) » The Right Passage
End Of The World (Part 7 - Isa Ibn Maryam علیہ السلام) » The Right Passage

End Of The World (Part 6 – Mischief Of Dajjal )

 32 Mischief Of Dajjal:

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End of the world, mischief of dajjal,

  1. The trial through Dajjal will be so severe that humanity would not have experinced such a trial before nor would experience ever after that.
  2. Therefore, all Prophets  علیھم السلام have always informed their respective people.
  3. And the account given by the Messenger Of Allah صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم is more exhaustive than that given by any other Prophet.
  4. He will first claim to be a Prophet and then divine.
  5. He will have large quantities of food with him.
  6. He will command the hidden treasures of earth and they will come out and follow him.
  7. He will cure born blind and lepors.
  8. Allah will send with him devils who will speak to people.
  9. Accordingly, he will address a villager and ask him if he would take him to his Lord if he revives his dead parents. The villager would agree to believe in him and two devils will appear before him as his parents and say, “Son, obey him he is your Lord)”
  10. Also, two angels accompany Dajjal and they would resemble two Prophets. They will deny him in such a way that it would seem to people that they confirm him, this, to try the people.
  11. As for him who confirm him, he will become a disbeliever and his past pious deeds  will become null and void. And,  as for him who belies him all his past sins will be forgiven.
  12. One of his great trials will be that those who obey him will be seen to receive rain from clouds on command of Dajjal and on his command their lands will grow produce. Their live-stock shall become much well-grown and the udders of the cattle will be full. But those who do not obey him will face drought and all their animals will die.
  13. In short, apart from those who toe his lineevery one will be in difficultly.
  14. And no one, excep Isa علیہ السلام, will be able to kill him.
  15. He will have with him (in the shape of rivers and valleys) a paradise and a fire but, in reality, his paradise wil be fire and fire paradise.
  16. He who falls in his fire will be assured of reward and recompense and his sins will be forgiven.
  17. And he who recites against Dajjal the initial ten verses of Surah Al-Kahf will be safe from his mischief and even if Dajjal puts him in his fire, that would be cool for him.
  18. Dajjal will sever a believing young man into two pieces with a sword (or saw) and will then call him, so with the leave of Allah he will become alive.
  19. Then Dajjal will ask him, ” Who is your Lord”, and he will say,  “My Lord is Allah and you are the enemy of Allah, Dajjal. I am convinced today better than before that you are Dajjal.
  20. Apart from this man, Dajjal will not be given ability to kill and revive anyone else.
  21. His trial will last forty days, first of these days will be equal to year, second equal to a month, third equal to a week and the rest will be of normal length.
  22. During that period three cities of the Muslims will be such that one of them when will be situated at the confluence  of two oceans, the other at Heerah (Iraq)  and tge third in Syria. He will defeat the people of the east and will come first to the city at the meeting point of two oceans.
  23. The people of the city will be divided into three sections.
  24. One group will remain there and follow Dajjal and another will go away to a village.
  25. And one group will migrate to a nearby city. Then Dajjal will come to this nearby city and there too people will divide in this way into three groups and the third group will migrate to the nearby city to the western side of Syria.
  26. Finally, the Believers will gather in Jordan and Bayt-ul-Maqdis.
    images 15 300x222 - End Of The World (Part 6 - Mischief Of Dajjal )
    End of the world, mischief of dajjal,
  27. And Dajjal will go to a city of Palestine in Syria which will be at the gate of Ludd.
  28. And Muslims will converge towards the Dyke known as Afeeq. Here, they will send their live-stock to gaze but all of them will perish.
  29. Eventually, the Muslims will be besieged on a mountain of Bayt-ul-Maqdis. By the name Jabl al-Dukhan.
  30. And Dajjal will encamp at the foot of the mountain and surrounded a group of the Muslims.
  31. It will be a severe seige because of which the Muslims will face great difficulty (and poverty and hunger), to such an extent that some people will burn the fiber of their bows and eat it.
  32. Dajjal will appear for the Last time in Jordan at the dyke Afeeq and at that time whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day will be present in the valley Jordan. He will kill one-third of the Muslims, defeat one-third and only one-third Muslims will survive.

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