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End Of The World (Part 5 – Dajjal)

End Of The World part 5 – Dajjal

When false rumor will spread in Muslims Army that Dajjal had emerged. On hearing it, the army will advance.

Emergence Of Dajjal:

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Dajjal Sign
  1. And (when they rrach Syria) , Dajjal would truly emerge.
  2. It would happen three times before this that people would have panicked.
  3. At the time of Dajjal’s emergence there would be very few pious peopleand mutual hatred would be very at its peak.
  4. Religion would become very weak.
  5. And, knowledge would be on the wane.
  6. The Arabs would be few in number during those days.
  7. Most of Dajjal’s followers would be women and Jews.
  8. The Jews would number 70,000 and armed with jewelled swords and wearing costly thick dress.
  9. Dajjal will emerge between Syria and Iraq.
  10. And he will appear at Yahoodiyah a place in Isfahan.

Dajjal’s Features:

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Dajjal followers
  1. Dajjal will be young (and resemble Abdul ‘UZza bin Qatn).
  2. Wheat complexioned and hair will be curly.
  3. Both eyes will be defective.
  4. Will be blind by One (left) eye.
  5. The other (right) eye too will be thick and swollen.
  6. Kafir would be inscribed on his forehead (in this manner : ک ف ر)
  7. Every Believer will be able to read it whether he knows to write or not.
  8. He will ride an ass, whose ears will be forty hands apart from one another.
  9. Dajjal’s spead would be rapid, like the speed of a cloud and the speed  of air.
  10. He will go round the whole world very quickly (as through the earthwas wrapped up for him.
  11. And he will make mischief everywhere.
  12. But he will not enter Makkah, Madinah and Bait-ul-Maqdis.
  13. In those days, Madinah will have seven doors.
  14. And angels would guard every roads leading to Makkah and Madinah who would not let him in.
  15. So he will stop outside Madinah (at Zareeb Ahmar between the edge of Saline land and the Khandaq).
  16. He will have authority outside Madinah.
  17. At that time, three earthquakes will shake Madinah which will hurl every hypocrite man and woman outside Madinah.
  18. All these hyprocrites will go and join Dajjal.
  19. Women will follow Dajjal before everyone else.
  20. In short, Madinah will be fully purified of them, hence, that day will be called the Day of Salvation.
  21. When people will pester him, he will reteat in anger.

أللھم احفظنا من فتنۃ الدجال.  آمین

In-Sha-Allah in my next post i will write about mischief of Dajjal, till then Allahafiz.

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