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End Of The World – Part 10 (Life Of Isa علیہ السلام)

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In This Post:

  • Blessings of Sayyidina Isa علیہ السلام
  • Marriage and Children of Isa علیہ السلام
  • His Death and Successor.

Blessings Of Sayyidina Isa  علیہ السلام:

  1. His descent and stay on earth will be as a just Imam and fair Ruler, and He will be The Khalifa of the Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم  in this Ummah.
  2. Accordingly, he will himself follow the Quran and Hadith and get the people to follow them.
  3. And He will lead people in prayers.
  4. His descent will take place in the concluding period of this Ummah, and He will live in the world for 40 years after His descent.
  5. After the first period of Islam, whis would be the best of periods for the Ummah.
  6. Allah will preserve His companions from the fire of Hell.
  7. And those people who join him to protect their religion, they will be the dearest of all in the sight of Allah.
  8. In that period, all religions of the world will be eliminated except Islam and no disbeliever  will remain in the world.
  9. Jihad will be withdrawn and neither will khiraaj (tribute) be received, nor Jizyah (tax form non-Muslims)
  10. He will make wealth and property available to the people so abundantly that no one will take it.
  11. He will stop collecting Zakat and Sadaqaat.
  12. And people will prefer one prostration to the world and what it contains.
  13. Every kind of worldly and religious blessings will descend, and the world will be filled up with peace and security.
  14. For seven years no two people will feel animosity towards each other.
  15. (Niggardliness) malice, spite and jealousy will be wiped out from every heart.
  16. No one will die or fall ill for forty years.

Harmful Animals:

  1. Venom of every poisonous animal will be removed, even snakes and scorpions will not harm anyone.
  2. Children will play with snakes, so much so that if a child puts his hand in a snake’s mouth then it would not harm him.
  3. Wild beasts also will not hurt anyone. A man will pass by a lion but it will not hurt him, to the extent that a girl will open and examine its teeth and the lion will not hurt her. Camels will move about with lions, leopards with cows and wolves with sheep. The wolf will stay with sheep as a dog protects the herd.
  4. Productivity of earth will multiply to such an extent that if a seed is sown in a solid rock, it will grow. Even without the plough, the produce of wheat would multiply seven hundred times, one mudd becoming  700 mudd.
  5. A pomegranade will grow so huge that a group will eat it and people will get shade under its peel.
  6. There will be so much blessing in milk that a milk-yielding she-camel will give milk enough for a very large group, a cow for a whole tribe and a goat for a whole community.
  7. In short, life will be very pleasant after the descent of Isa علیہ السلام.

Marriage And Children Of Isa علیہ السلام:

  1. (After descent) Sayyidina Isa علیہ السلام will marry in this world, and he will also have children.
  2. He will live in the world for nineteen years after his marriage.

His Death And Successor:

  1. Then Sayyidina Isa علیہ السلام will die. And the Muslims will offer the funeral prayer and bury him.
  2. The people will obey the instructions of Sayyidina Isa علیہ السلام and appoint as Khalifah  a man of the tribe Banu Tameem by the name Muq’ad.
  3. Then Muq’ad will also die.

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