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End Of The World – Part 8 (War With Dajjal) 

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In this post I will share about “War With Dajjal”

War With Dajjal:

  1. In short, after having prayed the Fajr, Sayyidina Isa علیہ السلام will get the doors opened behind which will be Dajjal and with him 70,000 armed Jews.
  2. He will gesture with his hand, “Move away from between Me and Dajjal”.
  3. Immediately on seeing Isa علیہ السلام Dajjal will begin to dissolve as salt dissolves in water.
  4. Every disbeliever will die on whom the breath of Isa علیہ السلام reaches and his exhaled breath will reach as far as his eyesight does.
  5. The Muslims will descend the mountain and thrust themselves on the forces of Dajjal and the Jews will be so overwaed that even a strong Jew will not be able to raise the sword.
  6. In short, there would be war,  and Dajjal would flee.

The Killing Of Dajjal And Muslim Victory:

  1. Sayyidina Isa علیہ السلام will chase Dajjal and he wil say. “One hit from me is decreed for you and you cannot escape it”.
  2. At that time, he will have two soft swords and a weapon with him with which he will slay Dajjal.
  3. The valley named Afeeq will be nearby. The weapon will hit him on his chest right in the centre. And Isa علیہ السلام will show his blood on the weapon to the Muslims.
  4. Finally the associates of Dajjal (the Jews) will be defeated. And Muslims will kill them (picking them one by one).
  5. Nothing would give refuge to any Jew, and even trees and rocks will speak out, “Here, (behind us) the infidel (Jew) lies (hidden). (come slay him).
  6. All the remaining People of the Book will believe in Him. Isa علیہ السلام (and the Muslims) will kill swine (and break the cross).
  7. Then people from the surrounding  areas will come to Him, they will be the one’s who will have saved themselves from the treachery of Dajjal, and he will give them glad tidings of high ranks in Paradise.
  8. Then people will return to their respective native lands.
  9. A group of Muslims will remain at his service and in his company.
  10. Isa علیہ السلام will go to Fajj al-Rawha and proceed for Hajj and Umrah. Or both from there, and He will present salutation at the Rawdah of the Messenger Of Allah صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم  who will give him a reply.

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Till then Allahafix and keep sharing


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