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End Of The World (Part 4 – Imam Mehdi)

These tokens will be seen very near the Last Hour, one following the other. They will be great Universal events so they are also called major signs. These includes the coming  of Imam Mahdi, the emergence of Dajjal, the descent of Isa علیہ السلام, Yajooj and Majooj, the rising of The Sun from the West, the Beast Of The Earth and the fire that will erupt from Yaman and spread and so on. When all the signs of this kind have manifest themselves then the Lasr Hour will come any moment, suddenly.

List Of The Signs Of The Last Hour:

  • Signs Of The Last Hour In Time Sequence :
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    Time comes to an End
  • Great events will take place before the Last Hour so that people will ask one another if The Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم had said anything about it.
  • Thirty prominent liars will appear, the last of whom will be named Dajjal.
  • But a section of this Ummah will fight for the truth.
  • They will not take care for their adversaries.

    Imam Mehdi :

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    Imam Mehdi (The Last Ameer)
  • The last Ameer of this group will be Imam Mehdi. He will be a good of character. And He will be one of the family members of the Holy Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم
  • Sayyidina Isa علیہ السلام will descend in his times. It is a sign of nearness of the Last Hour in terms of the verse of Qur’an.  و أنہ لعلم للساعۃ
  • An army of the Muslims made up of Allah’s chosen men will wage Jihad Against India.  (and gain victory and chain its rulers).
  • When the army returns, it will find Isa Ibn Maryam in Syria.

    Events Before Dajjal’s Emergence:

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    Dajjal Sign

  1. The Romans will reach upto A’maq or Wabiq and an army of the best of Muslims will advance from Madinah to check them. When the two armies face each other the Romans will demand the release of a prisoner but the Muslims will reject their demand. That will begin the war and one-third of the Muslims will flee and their repentance will not be accepted by Allah, one -third will be martyred and regarded as best of Martyers, and the remaining One-third will emerge victorious and will then remain emmune and safe from all kinds of mischief.
  2. Then these people will conquered constantly.
  3. While they are occupied in sharing the spoils a false rumor will spread that Dajjal had emerged. On hearing it, the army will advanced.

In-Sha-Allah in my next post i will share about emergence of Dajjal, features of Dajjal and Mischief of Dajjal.  Till then AllahafiZ.

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