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End Of The World (Part 3 – 30 Minor Signs Of The Last Hour) 

  • The Second Kind (The Minor or In-between Signs) 

The minor signs of the Last Hour have become manifest but have not yet taken a complete shape. Everyday, they become more and more manifest and their manifestation will go on intensifying. This will go on until the third kind of tokens begin to be seen. 

The minor signs are also many. For instance, The Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم has said :

  1. The man who remains steadfast on religion will be like one who holds live coal in his fist. 

  2. That man will be most fortunate from the worldly point of view who is base himself and whose father too is base and lowly. 

  3. There will be many leaders but very few trustworthy people.  

    images 4 1 - End Of The World (Part 3 - 30 Minor Signs Of The Last Hour) 

  4. Chiefs of tribes and nations will be hyprocrites, most vile, and very immoral. 

  5. The Chiefs and nobles of market will be sinner. 

  6. There will be many police. (the will back the tyrants). 

  7. High offices will go to the undeserving. Young boys will rule. 

  8. Trade and commerce will spread very much. It will spread to such an extent that woman will help her husband in business but there would be much slump in the commercial field that no profit will accure. 

    images 6 - End Of The World (Part 3 - 30 Minor Signs Of The Last Hour) 

  9. Short measure would be given. 

  10. The habit and custom of writing would increase but (the objective of receiving) education would be to further worldly ends. 

  11. The Qur’an would be turned into a tool for songs and music. 
  12. There would be an abundance of those who recite the Qur’an in a singing way to show-off, gain fame and earn wealth. 
  13. There would be a scarcity of Jurists. 
  14. The Scholars would be killed. They will face very trying times and hardships and they would prefer death to pure gold. unnamed - End Of The World (Part 3 - 30 Minor Signs Of The Last Hour) 
  15. The latter people of this ummah will curse the former. 
  16. The trustworthy will be treatedas a cheat and the treacherous shall be called trustworthy. Goodness and piety will be considered bad and evil will be regarded as a good. 
  17. Strangers will be treated well but the rights of relatives will be neglected. 
  18. The wife will be obeyed but parents will be disobeyed. 
  19. There would be noice and commotion in the mosques and people will discuss worldly affairs there. 
  20. Only those who are known will be greeted with Salaam. 
  21. Divorce will be very common.images - End Of The World (Part 3 - 30 Minor Signs Of The Last Hour) 
  22. The pious people will keep themselves away while the lowly, base people will abound and be in the lime light. 
  23. People will take pride in erecting tall buildings and in competing with each other in these projects. 
  24. Wine will be  named nabeez and interesy will be called trade and bribery will be termed gift.  These things will be regarded as lawful witg their new terminology. 
  25. There will be an abundance of interest dealings, gambling, singing, musical instruments, consumption of wine and adultery. 
  26. Immodesty and shameless conduct will be very common and there will be a plethora of illegitimate  births. 
  27. Invitations would be extended to enjoy the company of women along with food and drink. 
  28. Unexpected and sudden deaths will be very common. 
  29. People will ride on thick cushions to the doors of mosque. images 1 - End Of The World (Part 3 - 30 Minor Signs Of The Last Hour) 
  30. Women will wear garements but they will be naked (because their dress would be thin and tight-fitting).  On their heads hair will be aranged like the humps of lean camels. They will wrar the alliance and tempt men to themselves. 

These  people will not enter Paradise and they will not even smell its fragnance. In their sight, a Believer will be more disgraced than a slave girl. A Believer will watch these evils but be unable to stop them as a result of which his heart will pine away (unseen to thr outsiders).

  • There are many more signs of this kind. The Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم had told about them at a time when  one could not even perceive them but today we see them with our eyes. Some of these tokens have manifest themselves  fully while some others have just begun to reveal themselves. When all of them will have manifested themselves fully, the major and near signs of the Last Hour will begin to be seen. May Allah preserve us from every trial and mischief. And may He deliver us to the grave with secure and guaranteed faith and belief. Amen! 

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